From the concept to the culmination.

Our Event Management Services

Ideal Event and Exhibition Organizer Singapore

Experience professionalism with Unicom Marketing as Singapore’s top event and exhibition organiser. Our dedicated team offers an array of custom event exhibition services and solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a wealth of experience under our belt, we have choreographed countless successful events and delivered various innovative solutions throughout the country.

Product Sampling/Demonstration

We implement a sampling distribution strategy to increase our client’s visibility and marketing exposure. At Unicom Marketing, we excel in creating consumer journeys that prioritise delivering unparalleled user experiences. Thanks to our meticulously planned event management solutions, we can ensure optimal engagement throughout the event.

On-ground Advertising

We have mastered the art of delivering on-ground advertising services that offer a unique alternative to digital platforms. Our engaging on-ground advertising solutions nurture strong connections between brands and customers, particularly effective in events and exhibitions.

Social Media Traffic

There is no denying the power of social media marketing in amplifying business exposure. With our help, you can harness the potential of social media to enhance your online presence, which will help drive traffic to your event. Moreover, we leverage compelling event content to captivate and engage your online audience.

Instant Survey

Today’s digital age calls for leveraging essential data to target audiences with tailored messages. As a premier event and exhibition organiser in Singapore, we have the capabilities to gather both simple and quantitative feedback directly from audiences. These invaluable insights can help you approach your communication strategies in a different manner. With the hopes of achieving maximum ROI, engage with our expert management solutions for events, exhibitions, and venues across Singapore.

Database Collection

Every attendee presents a valuable marketing opportunity at every event. Capturing their data is vital to effectively reaching out to them in the future. We will design activation ideas to engage the attendees and facilitate database collection in hopes of empowering you to expand your business reach.

Content Creation

Our specialisation lies in captivating audiences, creating elevating experiences, and crafting unforgettable brand encounters. As experts in the event organising industry, we meticulously plan interactive elements that actively engage your audience. We want them to fully immerse themselves in your event. Get a taste of our expertise at your next event in Singapore with us.

Interactive Digital Activities

With our tailored plans for interactive activities and professional event management solutions, we want to assist you in creating memorable brand interactions. This ensures your audience fully engages with your brand messaging at events and exhibitions.

Sales Activities

We offer innovative mobile retail solutions that bring your products directly to your customers. This approach presents an opportunity to introduce new products and explore new markets firsthand.

Flyer Distribution

Though considered the oldest form of event marketing, this method remains highly effective when executed properly. This is where we come in. We prioritise face-to-face connections before distributing fliers. This ensures that they serve as reminders of your brand rather than being discarded as part of our comprehensive event management solutions.

Event Staffing

Perhaps the most critical part of any activation is event staffing. This can make or break any marketing event. We help you find the right people with the right attitude, appearance, and communication skills to be your event brand ambassadors.