Unicom Marketing knows what it takes to support brands with their digital activations. With consumers’ digital consumption trends ever rising and ever changing, creating memorable and impactful experiences are often a challenge for brands.

With Unicom Marketing, the brand’s digital activation experiences for consumers are carefully curated – Consumers’ journeys are mapped with the one thing that matters in mind, the consumers.


We create compelling experiential events for audiences remotely, by ensuring a fully-immersive experience for all.

Be it a live conference, webinar, product launch, online concert, virtual fairs and what nots, with our broadcasting team and capabilities, we are able to bring life to your live streaming events.


Using VR technology, Unicom Marketing able to replicate physical showrooms into a digital space using 360-degree videos, giving consumers to experience spaces at the comforts of their homes.

By adding the AR element into consumer’s journey, we thus create an environment where they can explore products in real time through their mobile devices.

Experiences only get as good as the content – which is why at Unicom Marketing, equipped with our 3D Design and content creators, we are most qualified in crafting the consumer’s journey.


As the saying goes, “Content is King, Engagement is Queen”. At Unicom Marketing, engagement is key in our planning process for brands.

A variety of tactics are often deployed to keep consumers engaged, one of our key focuses would be on gamification. Gamification goes beyond just users playing games. The concept of reward and competition can broadly be applied in various aspects of the consumers journey.

We personalise mini games that screams your brand messaging, our team at Unicom Marketing will be at your side to advise the best type of gamification tools for your brand needs.

As with all digital content, digital footprints are left behind by your consumers. Be it through impressions or engagements on our platforms or off, the beauty of digital content is our ability to collect vast amounts of data related to individual consumers through our data tracking cookies.

Combining the data, case studies and experience that we at Unicom Marketing have gathered over the years, together with our predictive analytics, our team is best suited to assist brands with their digital activations.

Have a look at a collective of our digital works here at Unicom Marketing Virtual Playroom. See how we keep consumers engaged through a variety of interactive media.