From the concept to the culmination.

We inspire, create and deliver. We create campaigns that add value to our client’s businesses. Our team has the experience of handling myriads of activations and events. We offer full event management services and always strive for perfect execution in every aspect of our work.

We specialize in assisting you with the creation, management and delivery of your events whilst strengthening your social media marketing, public relations, and media strategies. We pride ourselves on being professional at all times. You will have one consistent point of contact throughout your dealings with us. Our aim is delivering effective and creative solutions.


Fun, interactive and a bundle of joyful engagement.

At Unicom Marketing, we strive to stay one step ahead in the industry and right up to date with the ever-changing technology. Interactive media bring the most entertaining experiences and impressions for your event.

Aside from the crowd-pleasing and attention-grabbing classic interactive digital devices, our in-house team customize digital media software that can integrate with the interactive devices. We are also able to source digital mini games, augmented reality (AR), social media AR, web AR, virtual reality (VR), digital skin-analysis, campaign microsites, live streaming and more.


Create experiential zones with your brand.

The way customers engage with a brand changes at an incredibly fast pace. People do not just see a brand, create a real touchpoint between the public and your brand is powerful. We design interactive activities to get your attendees involved, discover secret facts about your brand, drive mentions on social media and strengthen brand recall.

Know all about Unicom Marketing’s interactive digital devices, including photo/ video booths, touch screen panels, holograms, interactive digital vending machines, product vending machines, interactive digital mirror, interactive fridge, interactive information kiosk, interactive display box and more.


Building a relationship with your audience effectively.

Contests are a great way to get your audience excited to engage with your brand. They are also a great marketing tactic to generate new leads and increase brand awareness. Managing a contest may seem easy, but there is a lot of work and effort that goes behind. From marketing to execution, it can be very time-consuming process.

With our expertise in marketing, we can take this tedious task off your shoulder so you have one thing less to worry about.