Mobile Event Truck

Best Product Sampling Mobile Event Truck Rental Services in Singapore

Introducing our innovative marketing strategy tool – Singapore’s most reliable and affordable mobile event truck rental service in Singapore. This versatile solution is perfect for a wide range of purposes, including demonstrations, product sampling, pre-sales, and many more. All tailored to meet your specific objectives for any event.


Frequently used as a mobile showroom, product gallery or showcase vehicle. This 15-foot mobile truck comes with air conditioner unit, basic lighting setup and see-through glass panels allowing maximum on-road visibility. The extendable stage option can maximize on-ground activation presence and audience engagement during your roadshow.

Overall Dimension:  15ft (L) x 8ft (H) x 7ft (W)


Our high-impact 24-foot mobile truck offers a range of solutions. The extendable stage and large space allows for separate compartments within the truck and is commonly used for entertainment style activations and mobile sales stores. Air-conditioning and basic light set up is included.

Overall Dimension: 24ft (L) x 8ft (H) x 7ft (W)

Cost-effective Pricing

Our mobile event truck rental services are designed to fit your budget, and tailored to specific event planning needs. With the best rental prices in Singapore, our team of experts will guide you in selecting the most suitable mobile event truck for your advertising and engagement activities. Whether you’re organising a small-scale promotion or a large-scale event, we prioritise cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

Visual Impact

Allow your audiences to immerse themselves in stunning visual experiences with our cutting-edge LED panels. They are designed to command attention even in bright daylight. With vibrant colours and clear graphics, your message becomes unmissable, captivating audiences with an irresistible display.

Mobile Truck Planning

We offer comprehensive mobile truck rental solutions for your event planning. From inception to execution, our team offers expert guidance every step of the way. We will help you select the perfect mobile truck for your event requirements.

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