In September 2018, Crystal Jade hit the roads with our 15ft mobile truck converted into a Magical Mid-Autumn Wonderland, to increase awareness of their exclusive and limited-edition Disney mooncakes.

Recognizing that consumer touchpoints and traditional retail channels are changing, and shopper expectations are at an all-time high, the mission was to provide a convenient location to facilitate sales, boost pre orders and enable easy collection of mooncakes. We identified two high-foot traffic locations at Suntec City and Vivo City which exceeded expectations.

Key to the project’s success was our ability to deliver a mobile sampling and sales solution that delivered the product directly to the customer – rather than spending money on digital advertising to ask them to come to them. But, this wasn’t your ordinary sampling exercise – Crystal Jade bought the audience back to their childhood days by customizing our mobile truck with an eye-catching Disney decal and a circus-like roof top. Audiences were engaged with photo contests and old-school carnival games and complimentary food. In-store sales were stimulated post-event by rewarding audiences with free F&B vouchers.

One of the most critical parts of this activation was managing an effective user flow. We provided end-to-end event management solutions and leveraged the extendable stage to create multiple consumer touchpoints. Outside of the carnival-games, audiences were invited onto our truck to receive a product introduction, and we created stations for pre-orders, sampling and enquiries.

Consumer touchpoints have certainly changed, but this highly successful project proves that human nature hasn’t – our senses are still the key to purchasing decisions and product sampling remains a critical component of any integrated marketing campaign. Not only did Crystal Jade achieve strong sales, they also benefited from our ability to create an event that strengthened their social media presence. As we say, opportunities to create awareness are endless, turning opportunities into conversions is what Unicom Marketing does best!

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