In January 2018, popular laundry detergent brand TOP, took to the roads to surprise their audiences and help them celebrate Chinese New Year!

Using our 10-footer mobile event truck and our leading-edge digital technology we spent almost 1-month growing the brands’ affinity across Peninsula Malaysia.

Every day our highly visible TOP branded truck, visited 2 targeted locations to engage unexpecting audiences. Audiences were invited to play a customized interactive game using the digital panels installed onto the side of our truck. More than just creating a fun competition, the game was designed to enhance understanding of product USP’s, and enabled database collection for future marketing opportunities, win-win-win! Our carefully selected Brand Ambassadors and Event Emcee with his infectious personality also helped bring the brand to life by singing along with audiences.

Strategies were also conceptualized to boost product sales after the event. First, audiences were rewarded with product samples to stimulate product trial. Then, they were offered branded premium gifts which would strengthen brand recall in the audience homes.

Filled with surprise and fun elements this unique on-ground activation helped take the brand off the shelves and into the real world and accelerated brand awareness. By transforming the usually boring shopping trip, into a fun and memorable experience TOP was also able to achieve a strong brand recall and drive sales. The next time audiences are searching the shopping aisles for laundry detergent, there’s no doubt TOP will be at the top of their mind. By cutting through the digital clutter TOP was able to connect with their audience in a lasting way. As we say, if content is king, then engagement is queen!

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