In March 2018, Unicom Marketing was honored to partner with UNICEF and hit the roads to make a difference for children with disabilities with the meaningful #ThisAbility roadshow. We provided our mobile event solution to UNICEF to help impact wide-spread change so that every child is given a good start in life.

It was an enormous milestone for Unicom Marketing and our most rewarding project to date. Our team and partners, were truly inspired by UNICEF’s beliefs that, “all children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – the benefit of a better world” and we worked relentlessly to provide an end-to-end, integrated and data-driven event management solution to ensure that message was heard loud and clear!

Our mobile truck solution was key driver in delivering awareness of the increasing stigma and discrimination these children and families face. From our fleet, the 10-footer mobile truck was chosen as it can fit into regular parking lots which allowed visits to multiple locations in one day. This allowed us to create face-to-face engagements with diverse audiences and spread the message near and far! High-foot traffic touch points were identified starting with 1Utama Shopping Centre. Then we travelled through Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and the East Coast over few months!

While on the road UNICEF was able to obtain valuable demographic data and qualitative feedback directly from audiences to help improve future communication strategies. At targeted pitstops UNICEF engaged audiences and successful delivered the key message with use of our LED screen and interactive elements.

We took great pride in making this highly successful campaign possible. UNICEF succeeded by reaching large audiences and improving campaign understanding. This is proven by increased social media activity, significant media exposure and positive participant feedback.

The project demonstrates that while consumer touchpoints have certainly changed, human nature hasn’t – as we say, if content is king, then engagement is queen!

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